28.01.2023 – Celebrating 35 years SYNBONE

SYNBONE is celebrating it’s 35-year anniversary. The pioneers of the AO Foundation Davos placed a high priority on hands-on surgical practice as part of the Davos Courses and in 1988 SYNBONE AG was founded in Filisur. Since these early days SYNBONE ensures the steady supply of surgical training models not only for the AO Courses but for global medical device companies in more than 80 countries.
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15.01.2023 – Novelty Canine Spine models

#SYNBONE has developed three Canine Spine models in various sizes for the surgical veterinary education. More to come soon. Take a look at our new canine spine models and compatible spine bed.
Artificial Canine Spine model in a spine bed

15.12.2022 – New Canine Forelimb models

SYNBONE has developed three new Canine Forelimb models with various deformities for the surgical veterinary education. Take a look at our new canine forelimb bone models. 
Canine Forelimb model with a malformation

29.11.2022 – Meet us in Davos

Meet us at the AO Davos Courses from December 4 – 16, 2022. SYNBONE is the main partner for all surgical education models used during the AO Davos Courses. Visit our booth in the AO World zone.

15.10.2022 – Bunion Hallux valgus deformities

Try SYNBONE’s foot and ankle models with bunion hallux valgus deformity to perform minimally invasive surgery workshops. The single mid-foot and phalangeal bones are precisely assembled with rubber points and mimic flexible joints.

The soft tissue is reinforced with intermuscular fascia avoiding tearing of the incision cut.

03.09.2022 – Product Announcement

Now available: Spine Lumbar Torsos with Pelvis foamed in soft tissue with skin. Developed for surgeons to practice various MIS-procedures on the dorsal access to the spine. Used for screwing, placing rods and fixations as well as for imaging. Available with or without scoliosis.

Features & Benefits

  • Soft tissue firmly surrounds spine model
  • Red soft tissue for improved contrast
  • Near to human-like feeling
  • Easy to cut the skin
  • Rigid hold of spine, allowing corrective procedures

03.06.2022 – Product Announcement

Now available. ROB Knee Holder System for primary and revision workshops. This system is especially designed for all standard TKA applications and robotic or navigated training procedures. Find out more

Intro Package

Contact: sales@synbone.com

ROB Knee Holder System

28.02.2022 – Product Announcement

Left RECON shoulder with soft tissue, scapula, clavicle, humerus, ligaments, cancellous humeral head. Cortical shell and cancelleous bone structure. With vice attachment for safe hold during the training. Designed for PRIMARY and IMPLANT REVISION workshops. Find out more

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Contact: sales@synbone.com

23.12.2021 Happy Holidays

On behalf of SYNBONE and its board of directors, we would like to thank you all for the excellent cooperation and loyalty throughout this past year. Global business is picking up speed again. You can expect many new SYNBONE products in 2022. Please let us know your training needs and we look forward to working with you to find solutions.
*** Happy Holidays and a good start into 2022 ***


Now available! Two new left side knee models – one with patella and one without – with removed primary implants. With the compatible SYNBONE implant replicas specially designed for your complex knee revision exercises we guarantee best results. Also ask for our compatible 0027 Knee Holder System. We offer the complete portfolio for your workshop…

16.07.2021 – Statement from Heinz Huegli – CEO

“On behalf of SYNBONE, I would like to thank all our longstanding customers for the loyalty. Our fast growing customer base confirms that we are on the right track with our product offerings, quality and services. Thank you for using SYNBONE products and R&D services. SYNBONE invests a lot to meet the latest market needs. Our 3D-technologies, new tools and innovative production methods keep our costs low. We are delighted to announce that our prices stay on the same level as during the past 3 years – if this is not enough, ask us for volume rabats or special offers.”

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14.07.2021 – Product Launch

AVAILABLE NOW: Skull Holder System for CMF Trauma, Orthognatic and Neuro surgery education. This clever and multifunctional setup can hold all SYNBONE skull models with or without vise attachment as well as maxillas and half-shell skulls.

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11.05.2021 – Pre-Announcement

Coming soon – Skull Holder System for Orthognathic and Neuro Surgery Education. This clever and multifunctional setup for CMF and NEURO workshops can hold all SYNBONE Skull models, Maxillas and Partial Skulls. STAY TUNED for the upcoming product launch.

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26.03.2021 – Innovative new SYNBONE materials

After a few months of Research & Development we are proud to announce several product improvements of our Cortical Shell and Soft Tissue Materials.

  • New Cortical Shell Material for an improved accuracy and reliability during drilling, screwing, and plating
  • New Soft Tissue Material with enhanced tear-resistance and improved haptic feedback during incision cuts

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knee model with red foam

11.02.2021 – Launch new Hip Holder System

New Hip Holder System especially developped for THA workshops. The unique 2-in-1 system allows to carry out surgical exercises in lateral or supine position like under OR conditions.

  • For Acetabular reaming
  • For Femoral reaming and stem insertion
  • Various rotation and table mounting positions
  • Stepless rotation along the femur axis of 360°

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28.01.2021 – 33 years SYNBONE

SYNBONE was founded on January 28, 1988 from the AO Foundation in a very small Swiss village called Filisur. The aim of the founders was to build up a product portfolio of artificial bones for surgical education. Over the years SYNBONE has grown to one of the leading suppliers for medical education centers and universities providing surgical education models and training systems for healthcare professionals.

33 years SYNBONE

21.12.2020 – Seasons Greetings

Many things were different this year and because of this we are even more grateful to our customers. Thank you for your trust in SYNBONE.
During the Public Holidays our offices remain closed on December 25th, 2020 and January 1st, 2021.

09.12.2020 – XXL working space

This option makes the RAY Knee Holder System perfect and gives you more freedom in your educational Arthroplasty workshops. With the 0027.25 Extension Adapter Set the working space of your RAY Knee Holder System can optionally be extended by 40 mm. The set includes the 40 mm Extension Adapter and a longer mounting screw.
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RAY Knee Holder System Extension Adapter

03. – 06.12.2020 – AO Davos Courses 2020

We are ready to welcome you at our virtual booth. Our SYNBONE representatives will be online from 3rd – 6th December 2020 and are pleased to get in touch with you.
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15.11.2020 – Launch new hand & wrist models

Product launch of our new hand and wrist models for your dedicated hand surgery education workshops. Further information


  • solid or flexible hand models
  • intact or fractured hand models
  • with or without nerves, muscles and soft skin
  • with canals in metacarpal bones and proximal phalanx (9060-series)