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Modular Hip M. ant. group

Replacement part containing vastus medialis and lateralis muscle, rectus femoris muscle, sartorius muscle, tensor fascia lateris muscle
CHF 133.00
  • PR0682.20

  • Orientation neutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Length: 600mm, Width: 150mm, Height: 92mm
  • Structure muscle, tendons
  • Material Soft foam

Hand single bone structures

Right Hand single bones, Radius and Ulna, structures with tendon
CHF 144.90
  • PR0941

  • Orientation right
  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Overall length: 448mm
  • Structure bone, tendons
  • Material Bones: Solid foam Tendon: textile and rubber

Hand and wrist fx foam

Fractured right Hand simple with Radius, Ulna and soft tissue. Major structures such as nerves, muscles, vessels and tendons attached
CHF 174.45
  • 9075.1

  • Orientation right
  • Model Typefractured
  • Dimensions Overall length: 450mm
  • Structure bone, foam, muscle, nerve, tendons, vessels
  • Material Various materials

Lower Leg left large fx foam

Lower Leg large left 4-part Foot with Tibia, Fibula, Talus, Calcaneus, with metallic coating and ligaments in 120° foam coat
CHF 285.45
  • PR1709.1.9

  • Orientation left
  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Foot length: 280mm. Malleolar width: 62mm. Lower Leg length: 451mm. Tibia canal diameter: 8 mm
  • Structure bone, tendons
  • Material Tibia: Cortical / soft cancellous bone, Fibula & Foot bones: solid foam. Talus: light dense cancellous foam. Ligaments: rubber

Hand and wrist sgl bone fx foam

Fractured right single bone Hand with Radius, Ulna and foam coat. Major structures as nerves, vessels and tendons attached.
CHF 348.65
  • 9063.2

  • Orientation right
  • Model Typefractured
  • Dimensions Overall length: 460mm
  • Structure bone, muscle, nerve, tendons, vessels
  • Material Various material