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Anti-slide pad

Anti-slide pad
CHF 4.40
  • PR0733.01

  • Model TypeRFX
  • DimensionsLength: 140mm, Width: 40mm
  • MaterialNeoprene

Bone Clamp w/ Ball Head

Bone Clamp with a ball head table vice
CHF 221.35
  • PR0733.60

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsLength: 44cm. Width: 30cm. Vice opening: 8cm
  • MaterialVarious materials
  • DeliveryReady to ship within 15 working days

Bone Clamp

Bone Clamp without ball head table vice
CHF 133.45
  • PR0734.60

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsLength: 19cm. Width: 8cm Height: 19.5cm
  • MaterialIron
  • DeliveryBall head table vice not included

Ball head Spannfix Vario System

Ball head table vice attachement for Bone Clamp PR0734.60
CHF 162.40
  • PR0734.01

  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsLength: 200cm. Width: 160cm. Vice opening: 80mm
  • MaterialVarious materials
  • DeliveryReady to ship within 25 working days