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Knee fx foam X-ray file

X-ray PDF file from 1152.1 Right Knee with Femur, fractured Tibia, Patella, rubber PCL and soft tissue
CHF 186.65
  • 1152.1.XRF

  • Model Typefractured
  • Dimensions Overall length: 840mm
  • Structure bone, foam
  • Material Femur and Tibia: Cortical / soft cancellous bone, Foam coat: PUR foam soft

Lower Leg fx foam 120°X-ray file

Lower Leg X-ray PDF file from 9147.1: Right 3-part Foot with fractured Tibia, Fibula, talus, Calcaneus, Forefoot sections, Ligaments and 120° soft tissue
CHF 186.65
  • 9147.1.XRF

  • Model Typefractured
  • Dimensions Foot length: 257mm, Malleolar width: 67 mm, Lower Leg length: 440mm, Canal diameter: 8mm
  • Structure bone, foam
  • Material Tibia: Cortical / hard cancellous bone Fibula & Foot: Solid foam

Skull hollow STL data

STL Data from hollow Skull with frontal sinus, maxillary sinuses and septum but without Mandible
CHF 280.00
  • 8880.STL

  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Skull Width: 149mm. Length: 190mm. Height: 153mm
  • Structure bone
  • Material Solid foam