Provide innovative surgical models, simulators and turnkey solutions for medical education and training to achieve better education outcome worldwide.


Excellence in the medical and surgical education and training.

our values

Quality management

SYNBONE is committed to provide high quality products, effective quality management and an outstanding customer service. SYNBONE’s products go through an internal quality check which can be traced by a detailed labelling on each product.

Health, safety and security

SYNBONE recognizes the importance of the health, safety and security and takes pertinent precautions by performing trainings and installing safety Guidelines.

Equality and professional development

SYNBONE is committed to offering its employees fair terms and conditions as well as access to education and training opportunities, ensuring they have the skills and qualifications they need. SYNBONE develops a culture of learning to grow personally and professionally.


SYNBONE understands the importance of sustainability – in design, delivery and in continuing operation. SYNBONE sources sustainable materials and works with ethical and local suppliers where appropriate.

Progress and innovation

Progress and innovation ensures our long-term success. SYNBONE constantly strives to develop state of the art technology and approaches a close cooperation with its customers to cover their future needs. SYNBONE recognizes challenges as an opportunity for improvement.

Environmental protection

SYNBONE puts daily efforts to improve the environmental production. SYNBONE works out new ways to reduce traveling for meetings and reduce lengthy material transports in order to reduce CO2 emissions. SYNBONE encourages its employees to use the 3R principals: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.