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Humerus pre-drilled STL data

STL Data from right Humerus with distal drill hole for intramedullary nailing and prosthesis
CHF 245.80
  • PR0349.STL

  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Length: 326mm. Shaft diameter: 22mm. Head diameter: 47mm. Drill hole diameter: 9mm

Mandible underbite STL data

STL Data from Mandible underbite
CHF 280.00
  • 8970.STL

  • Orientation neutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Mandible width: 115mm underbite: approx. 8mm
  • Structure others
  • Material Cortical / cancellous bone

Skull hollow STL data

STL Data from hollow Skull with frontal sinus, maxillary sinuses and septum but without Mandible
CHF 280.00
  • 8880.STL

  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Skull Width: 149mm. Length: 190mm. Height: 153mm
  • Structure bone
  • Material Solid foam