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Orthopaedic models

Our anatomic models are important in the use of medical orthopaedic training. They can be cut, drilled or scraped with all standard orthopaedic instruments. SYNBONE has developed a wide range of realistic anatomical models for education to address the needs of the major teaching institutions.

The measure of our success are the worldwide conducted medical education courses using SYNBONE models. Our State-of-the-Art production facility produces over 300,000 human and veterinary models per year.


LSS spine models

Our spine models are now available with a brand-new material mixture, specially designed for a better education outcome in augmentation trainings. The behaviour and the haptic feeling of the LSS spine models are even more realistic.

Our large LSS spine portfolio includes lumbar, thoracal, cervical and entire spine models with or without Occiput and Sacrum. The models can optionally be ordered with Spinal Cords, Dura Mater, Muscles, Nerves, Arteries.

Entire spines

Entire spine

Entire spines optionally available with Sacrum / Pelvis / Occiput.

Cervical spines

Cervical Spine

Cervical spines optionally available with Occiput and wood attachment.

Thoracal spines

Thoracal spine with nerves

Thoracal spines available from T1 – T12 optionally availble with flexible bending rods.

Lumbar spines

Lumbar Spine with Pelvis

Lumbar spines optionnaly available with Sacrum / Pelvis / Hemi-Pelvis.

Single vertebraes

Single vertebraes

We offer single sets of lumbar and thoracal vertebraes.

Spines with muscles

Lumbar spine with muscle

Our spine models are available with bilateral multifidus and erector Spine muscles.

Experts voice:

“The behavior of this model with the new LSS material is very realistic. It needs very little effort to insert a pedicle screw or a Jamshidi needle.

The cancellous bone is slightly crispy and on the opposite side, you can feel a slight cortical layer before breaking through.

The material of the new LSS spines is human like. More realistic than anything before. The models can even be used for augmentation. The cement enters easily into the vertebrae.”

Prof. Lorin M. Benneker
MD, Head of Spine Unit
Inselspital Berne, Switzerland


  • Efficient educational spinal trainings
  • Humanlike feeling
  • Very good screwing results
  • Very realistic x-Ray imaging even without special coating
  • Compact cortical bone structure
  • Crispy feeling of cancellous bone
  • No breaking through the cortical layer
  • Can be used for augmentation trainings
  • Easy and almost real insertion with Jamshidi needle


Skull models

SYNBONE’s wide variety of artificial anatomical workshop models for hands-on training are especially designed for Craniomaxillofacial (CMF)  and Neuro surgery education. We developed an anatomically more realistic Skull product portfolio with intact or fractured models.

Especially for the neurosurgery SYNBONE’s brain models are very realistic including dura and ventricles inside which will serve for puncture exercises.


Skull with muscles

88- series Skulls – intact or with different fractures. Available with or without muscles.


Skull Skin replacement

Our skin replacement parts can be used in combination with our large Skull portfolio.

Skull Eye

Skull Eye

Skull Eye replacement – used as a place holder for the Orbital Floor Reconstruction training.

Unique in the medical education field