From CT-Scan to 3D-printed models

SYNBONE is using State of the Art 3D-scanners, -software and -printing technologies including the latest prototyping equipment to design and produce custom-made models from CT scan to 3D-printed teaching models.


3D-printed teaching models

This example of a 3-D printed calcaneus model with magnets perfectly shows typical fracture lines and single fracture fragments. Ask our R&D team to develop your customised display or demonstration model. We extract your anonymized data from CT-scans.

Customized models

We extract data from CT-scans to design and re-design all kind of bone models. We animate renderings with specific color patterns to visualize fractures for education purposes. Case specific models can be 3D-printed with different material to be used as display or demonstration models.

Customized solutions

Our R&D team has the knowledge to realize customized and complex designs with 3D-software. Share your requirements with us to work out a proposal and project plan.

X-RAY, STEP and STL Data

As a complementary teaching tool to our bone models, SYNBONE can produce X-RAY, STEP and STL images for any model requested. These images can serve as important surgical reference for surgeons during the training or for preoperative planning and discussions to perform better education outcome.

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