We promise our models reflect the latest requirements to obtain
best education outcome

Our custom-made models are designed for your orthopaedic skills training, surgical simulation and biomechnical testing.

We select the appropriate materials to achieve a realistic haptical feeling.

Our bones have different cortical and spongiosa densities such as soft, medium, hard, osteoporotic.

SYNBONE models are equiped with muscles, ligaments, nerves and skin for a realistic training.


State of the Art Technology

  • We transform your ideas into detailed 3D-concepts
  • Our designers convert your CT scans into 3D-files
  • Engineering of models with complex anatomical details
  • Close colaboration  with customers and partners for new designs
  • 3D-Printing capabilities for prototypes and production series

Customer satisfaction

  • A long lasting customer relationship
  • On-time delivery and reliable full-service
  • We guarantee permanent high product quality
  • A better education outcome with SYNBONE products
  • Strong partner network with additional related competence
Production of hand models

More than 1000 models

  • SYNBONE has a product portfolio of over 1000 anatomical models
  • We supply the largest education courses worldwide
  • SYNBONE is involved in the development process when new implants are launched

Global distribution

  • We produce over 300’000 bone and soft tissue models per year
  • On-time delivery and reliable full-service
  • With our network to worldwide active logistic partners we guarantee on time-delivery

Innovation and education excellence since 1988