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Hemi-Thorax Ribs 3-8

Right Hemi-Thorax replacement Ribs 3-8
CHF 64.00
  • PR1613.10

  • Orientation right
  • Model Typeintact
  • Structure bone
  • Material Ribs 3-8: solid foam

Hemi-Thorax Skin

Right Hemi-Thorax removable realistic Skin with matrix
CHF 190.00
  • PR1613.20

  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Length: 400mm. Width: 300mm. Thickness: 4mm
  • Material Skin: Silicon with matrix Shore:00-30

Hemi-Thorax foam inlay

Right Hemi-Thorax foam inlay red
CHF 219.90
  • PR1613.25

  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Length: 317mm. Width: 173mm. Thickness: 131mm
  • Material PUR Foam red

Hemi-Thorax model right side

Right Hemi-Thorax model with replacement Ribs 3-8 and removable realistic Skin. Everything is protected by a storage box
CHF 3250.00
  • PR1613.2

  • Orientation right
  • Model Typeintact
  • Dimensions Length: 400mm, Width: 300mm, Height: 210mm, Height (without storage box): 150mm
  • Material Replacement Ribs 3-8: Solid foam, Inner foam: Aveolux, Skin: silicone, Case: PVC