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RAY Knee Holder System incl. transportation case

RAY Knee Holder System for arthroplasty workshops to hold the various SYNBONE knee models in a free selectable position. Delivered in a solid transportation case with foam inlays.
CHF 2'350.00
  • 0027

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsHip Holder: Maximum length: 572mm, Width: 300mm, Height: 395mm Case: Length: 474mm, Width: 415mm, Height: 214mm
  • MaterialHolder: Anodised aluminum, stainless steel and other various materials Case: Copolymer polypropylene
  • DeliveryReady to ship within 20 working days

RAY C-Clamp

RAY Knee Holder C-clamp with bolt for a secure table mounting of the RAY Knee Holder System. (Price per piece)
CHF 32.20
  • 0027.19

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsLength: 100mm, Width: 50mm
  • Materialsteel
  • DeliveryAccessory part to RAY Knee Holder System 0027

Optional Trolley wheels to Knee Holder System Case

Optional Trolley wheels to RAY Knee Holder Case. This surcharge includes the Trolley wheels and the assembly to the Case
CHF 100.00
  • 0027.91

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsNot mounted and with retracted handle: Length: 535mm Width: 290mm Height: 100mm
  • MaterialCopolymer polypropylene
  • DeliveryReady to ship within 20 working days

RAY reference foot left

Left reference foot foam cover to be used in combination with RAY Knee Holder System
CHF 105.35
  • 0027.20

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsLength: 275mm, Width: 105mm, Height: 180mm Foot angle: 120°
  • MaterialFoam coat
  • DeliveryReady to ship within 15 working days

RAY Knee Holder Extension Adapter set

RAY Knee Holder extension adapter is used to increase the height of the RAY Knee Holder System by 40mm
CHF 124.80
  • 0027.25

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsLength: 50mm, Width: 40mm, Height: 40mm
  • MaterialAnodised aluminum and stainless steel
  • DeliverySet includes Extension Adapter (40 mm) and screw

RAY Knee Holder adapter set for DFO

RAY Knee Holder adapter set consisting of a proximal and distal part for distal femur osteotomie (DFO) workshops
CHF 132.00
  • 0027.35

  • Orientationneutral
  • DimensionsLength: 110mm Width: Ø 40mm Height: 74mm
  • MaterialSLS DF-HST
  • DeliveryReady to ship within 20 working days

RAY notch holder a/ bolt 3rd generation as couple

RAY notch Holder incl. locking Bolt 3rd generation as a couple for bone fixation. The Bolt is fixed with steel cable to the notch holder.
CHF 241.50
  • 0027.12

  • Orientationneutral
  • Model Typeintact
  • DimensionsLength: 64mm, Width: 40mm, Height: 53mm
  • MaterialNoch Holder: POM Bolt: various material
  • DeliveryReady to ship within 20 working days